Lisa joined We Are Unstuck in 2015 to lead on product and experience design. She knows our methodology forwards, backwards and inside out and is our go-to for understanding new Design Thinking tools and techniques. With a background in project management and creative facilitation, Lisa never loses sight of how to get your project over the line and move your ideas into reality. She's also a fierce experience junkie, and has travel tips for most cities that you can think of. 


(in) frequently asked questions

what are your superpowers?

Prototyping. Project Management. Facilitation. Service Design. Agile. Experience Design. Simplifying. Getting clients from A to B.

Are you deathly afraid of pigeons?

Yes, immensely. And most other animals too. Why do people insist on feeding them in public places?

Why do you love The One Show so much?

It's like Blue Peter for adults!

What's your best party trick?

I can fold a nice napkin. And make a mean dolphin impression.

What are you currently learning?

(Relearning!) how to play netball.