Amy joined We Are Unstuck in July 2016 and has since worked on various research projects ranging from interviewing working mums, to leading on the creation of our first Yellow Papers report on creativity. With a background in Psychology, Amy is driven by understanding what makes people tick, and how this can translate into brilliant insights for designing solutions.


(In) frequently asked questions

what are your superpowers?

Research. 1-1 interviews. Communicating insights. Contextual inquiry. Account management.

What is the best breed of dog?

Whichever one I’ve spotted most recently. All dogs are equal and equally brilliant.

What's your most guilty pleasure?

Eating Haribo gummy bears until I feel a bit sick. Filling up my inbox with obscure newsletters. Eating haribo gummy bears while reading said newsletters.

Your go-to on karaoke night?

Africa, by Toto.

Favourite example of Design Thinking in practice?

The Department of Doing in Gainesville, Florida.

What are you currently learning?

Embroidery and crochet (channelling my inner old soul).